Our Restaurant is a perfect place to:

• Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a drink WITH or WITHOUT a dog!
• Meet and greet other fantastic local dogs
• Unwind after a long walk at the dog park
• Hangout with friends or your date
• Get out of the house on a rainy day
• Enjoy FREE WiFi!

About Us

From "Cafe" to a "Full Restaurant!"

We initially opened our Restaurant in February 2018, so we could have a place to bring our own dog (Dexter) where he would be welcome in an indoor environment.
We started-off as a simple Cafe, offering various pastries and coffee to our visitors. Since then, we've developed our single-page menu into an 8-page menu - offering everything from an Egg Muffin to Chicken Wings and Fries! Whether you're looking for a quick snack, or a full pasta dinner - we've got you covered, so come HUNGRY!

There's Plenty of Space!

We've expanded our dining area into 3 separate areas (including the patio, weather-permitting) and you are always welcome to enjoy any of these areas, when available!

We Even Have a Full Grooming Salon!

We've also built a full grooming salon right inside the building, so you can also have your pooches' grooming needs taken care of while you're here! Typically, nail trimming or tooth brushing does not require an appointment, but we recommend any full grooming or baths are scheduled ahead of time by contacting the groomer (Hayley McGrath) directly by PHONE: 905-929-9199 or SMS: 905-929-9199

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